Steel processing industry



The Berger Gruppe presents a big range of machines for the processing and refining of steel strips and workpieces used in the steel processing industry.

For the machining and handling of steel strip the Berger Gruppe proposes various machines. Different processing methods are used such as grinding, strip edge trimming and traverse winding.

The Berger Gruppe will exhibit at the upcoming EuroBLECH 2022.

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Rotary table grinding machine with vertically adjustable spindle for efficient surface and angle grinding in continuous production of pocket knife components, hand tools and similar parts

Rotary table grinding machine designed for grinding brake and clutch discs with a diameter of up to 1100 mm.

The steel strip grinding machine is used for one-sided grinding of pencil sharpener blades, abrasor strips, machine blades and similar workpieces.

The double-sided grinding station machines technical blades, doctor blades, surgical blades and similar workpieces on both sides.

The BSM3000/C work station is designed for grinding of kitchen knives and similar workpieces.

The steel strip grinding machine of the series BSM1500/TT is designed to deburr finish ground blades.

The strip grinding line of the series BDG1500 consists of five vertical grinding stations and is designed for the production of doctor blades and similar workpieces.

The steel strip grinding and serrating station BSM1000/E is designed for one-sided serrated edge coil grinding for the production of hair clipper blades and similar workpieces.

The grinding stations of the series BWSL1000/E achieve a one-sided straight finish grinding,  a scalloped and a serrated edge grinding at strip material.

The steel strip grinding machine of the series SVZ is designed for edge grinding on steel strips whereas up to 44 strips can be machined at the same time.

The grinding machines of the series BGM1500/E/D are designed for one- or double-sided grinding of doctor blades, knives for the food industry and similar workpieces.

The brushing and deburring station BSM3000/SP machines hair clipper blades, doctor blades, serrated machine cutting tools for food industry and similar workpieces.

The solid steel strip grinding and polishing station of the series DEB1500 is configured for the machining of the classic double-sided razor blade with three angles.

The polishing station BSM3000/P is designed for polishing and deburring of microground blades such as doctor blades, scalpels, technical blades, pencil sharpener blades and similar workpieces

The BSM500/HK work station is designed specially for grinding and polishing of hooked blades.

The breakers can be integrated into steel strip grinding and polishing lines or be mounted as a separate breaking unit with decoiler.

Augst Nell jr. and Werner Peters offer the following spooling systems which can be integrated into a strip grinding and polishing line.

Strip edge trimming machine working with one tool each side. It’s designed for the deburring of the strip edge or for simple contours at the strip edge.

The strip edge trimming machine of the series DUO works with six tools. Often the DUO is integrated into tube production lines to optimize the weld seam.

The TRIO strip edge trimming machine works with up to nine tools achieving even complex contours at the strip edge.

The QUATTRO strip edge trimming machine achieves complex contours on the strip edge with twelve tools.

The QUINTO strip edge trimming machine is one of the biggest strip edging machines of the modular series working with 15 tools.

The BKB/S is designed for maximum material removal at each tool, which ensures that even complex contours with wide bevels can be machined on strip with heavy cross sections or hard material.

The strip edge trimming line of the series BHR/DUO is equipped with a DUO strip edge trimming machine, de- and a re-coiler. It is the basic line of the modular series.

Strip edge trimming line with a TRIO strip edging machine, a de- and a re-coiler and a strip width measuring system. The line machines strip edges with up to nine tools.

Strip edge trimming line with a strip edging machine of the serie QUATTRO, levelling, measuring and strip tension systems. The line is designed for the machining of complex contours an strip edges.

Strip edge trimming line with strip edging machine of the series QUINTO, levelling, brushing and calibrating machines as well as measuring and strip tension technique. The line is designed for machining complex contours also on thick and/or smooth strips.

The strip edge trimming line of the series BHR/BKB/S is designed for processing under high loads with high material removal.

Julius offers traverse winding systems at the recoiler and the decoiler side. It is possible to run in three ways – either from coil to spool, or from multicoil to spool or from spool to spool.

Decoilers and recoilers can be equipped with a strip tension system, a multicoil system and a traverse winding system. The coilers are integrated into strip processing lines.

The brushing machines of the series BS remove the dirt particles from the strip surface. They are designed to be integrated into strip edge trimming lines.