Surgical instruments


Grinding, polishing and profile generating of surgical workpieces

The Berger Gruppe offers a big range of machines for the processing of surgical workpieces such as:

CNC grinding machine with three to five axes grinding table for the bevel grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools or related parts

CNC grinding machine with three or four axes and vertical grinding spindle for the surface grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools, and related parts

Flat bevel grinding machine with mechanical drive for the machining of small workpieces such as knives, nail scissors and surgical instruments


Rotary index table grinding machines available in various configurations for grinding of steak knives, jig saws, scalpel blades or for the grinding of blades with serration

CNC grinding machine with two axes for contour grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools, tweezers, scissors and other workpieces

The steel strip grinding machine is used for one-sided grinding of pencil sharpener blades, abrasor strips, machine blades and similar workpieces.

The double-sided grinding station machines technical blades, doctor blades, surgical blades and similar workpieces on both sides.

The polishing station BSM3000/P-CNC is designed for polishing and deburring of microground blades such as doctor blades, scalpels, technical blades, pencil sharpener blades and similar workpieces

The breakers can be integrated into steel strip grinding and polishing lines or be mounted as a separate breaking unit with decoiler.

Augst Nell jr. and Werner Peters offer the following spooling systems which can be integrated into a strip grinding and polishing line.

The CNC controlled double shaft polishing machine of the series PS-CNC is equipped with a control system which enables a programming and storing of all process parameters.

The automatic single shaft polishing machine of the series EWP machines the inner and outer side of cutlery bowls.

Robotic polishing cell with two polishing stations for the machining of artificial hip joints and similar workpieces

Robotic station with four belt grinding stations and a polishing station for grinding and polishing of surgical tweezers

Robotic grinding cell with four belt grinding stations for facet grinding of coated scissors

Robotic sharpening cell with double-sided sharpening station for the machining of disposable blades and micro scissors