Manufacturing areas

Flexibility and competence

DESIGN OFFICE | By using modern CAD equipment in the design and construction department engineers and highly qualified staff are responsible for

  • design and detail drawings
  • mechanical and pneumatic part lists
  • internal working orders for mechanical parts
  • layout plans for machines
  • machine documentation and spare part orders

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING | The software engineering department is developing programs for

  • CNC controls
  • robots
  • PLC controls

The competent technical staff is especially working on workpiece-oriented and user-friendly programs. Additionally, the development and integration of modern measuring technology, like laser-, camera or probing sensors, is treated.

MECHANICAL OPERATIONS | On state-of-the-art machines we produce the large part of the necessary machine parts. This includes e.g. the processing of

  • smallest fixture parts,
  • carriages up to
  • bed-plates.

In this case only best precision work guarantees a long-lasting function of the machines made by the Berger Gruppe.

WELDING SHOP | In this division we weld or produce among other things

  • bed-plates,
  • grinding wheel shells and
  • all sheet metal components

ELECTRICS | The electrical department designs and builds all the electrical cabinets.

ASSEMBLY | Within the mechanical assembly of the machines we mount the machine parts. We assemble here

  • feed systems,
  • head stocks,
  • carriages with various drive systems and
  • complete machines.

The installation e.g. of balls screws and linear motors with smallest production tolerances demands a great deal of the responsible specialized staff.

SERIVICE AND STARTING UP | The competent personnel of this department is responsible for

  • placing the machines, robots, and magazine systems into operation and accepting procedure,
  • the instruction and support of customers,
  • the worldwide on-the-spot service.

The innovative control system and measuring technique demand ever increasing qualifications of the responsible mechatronics personnel, who provide independently for the faultless function of the customers machines.

TEST DEPARTMENT | In this division we run tests for customers before placing an order and develop new process techniques for new workpieces.

In addition to the robot pilot plant station with various grinding aggregates there are also CNC and conventional grinding machines in the grinding pilot plant station available for experiments.

GRINDING WHEELS MANUFACTURING | Here we produce grinding wheels with various bond types and grades. The further development of the machines necessitates also the deployment of up-to-date grinding tools.

At the same time the department is responsible for packing and worldwide dispatching of the machines, machine parts and grinding wheels.