Flat bevel grinding machines


The flat bevel grinding machines are designed for surface and radii grinding of workpieces.

The machines are powered electro-mechanically, hydraulically or equipped with CNC control. The CNC controlled flat bevel grinding machines can be equipped with an horizontal spindel (BG-CNC, HSG-CNC) or with a vertical spindel (DG-CNC) to save space.

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CNC grinding machine with three to five axes grinding table for the bevel grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools or related parts

CNC grinding machine with three or four axes and vertical grinding spindle for the surface grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools, and related parts

CNC controlled vertical precision flat grinding machine for flat grinding of long knives with a maximum length of 4,000 mm

Flat bevel grinding machine with hydraulically driven grinding table for grinding knives, scissors, hand and gardening tools and similar workpieces