Tube industry


Optimization of the weld seam by strip edging

If a slit edge is used as a functional edge, the edge quality of slit strip is not adequate to produce a high quality product. The optimization of the strip edge is a basic condition to benefit entirely of the advantages of modern welding methods. Thanks to strip edge trimming by metal-cutting, the strip edges are steadily cleaned and straight. They meet requested dimensions. Any coating is removed and the V-angle is shaped to any angle. The result is:

  • less energy input
  • higher welding speed
  • less bulge and fewer rejections
  • less shaping at the inner and outer weld seam
  • less strip width addition (gain of material)
  • homogenous welding structure
  • better quality of the weld seam
  • better shape due to less compression

The Berger Gruppe is part of the Tube Innovation Network, an association of eleven companies offering a complete tube welding line – from one source.

Strip edge trimming machine working with one tool each side. It’s designed for the deburring of the strip edge or for simple contours at the strip edge.

The strip edge trimming machine of the series DUO works with 6 tools. Often the DUO is integrated into tube production lines to optimize the weld seam.

The TRIO strip edge trimming machine works with up to 9 tools achieving even complex contours at the strip edge.

The QUATTRO strip edge trimming machine is one of the biggest strip edging machines in the modular system of JULIUS. It achieves any contour required with 12 tools.

The QUINTO strip edge trimming machine is one of the biggest strip edging machines of the modular series working with 15 tools.

With one tool the grooving machine of the series NU removes a layer of coating from the strip surface. The tool can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

The grooving machine of the series TRINU draws up to three grooves into the strip surface with a max. distance of 10 mm (0.39") (in case of three grooves) or 20 mm (0.79") (in case of two grooves).