Rotary index table grinding machines

Grinding machines for single workpieces


The rotary index table grinding machines are designed for different production processes. Thanks to a simultaneous processing on several working stations a great productivity can be achieved.

The working stations can for example grind several edges of one workpiece simultaneously or grind and polish scalpel blades or tines of forks at the same times.

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Rotary index table grinding machine available in various configurations for grinding of steak knives, jig saws, scalpel blades or for the grinding of blades with serration

The rotary index table grinding machine KBR6 realizes a complete edge machining all-around the workpiece with a machine which consists of two one-sided and two double-sided belt grinding stations.

The rotary index table grinding machine of the series ZS machines forks with two, three or four tines. By the use of a folded grinding belt the run-out radius is ground cleanly.