Upgrade: measuring technique for robotics

Upgrade of measuring technology for robotic cells of the Berger Gruppe

Upgrade: measuring technique for robotics

Cycle time – optimization

Review of cycle, measurement and machining times of CNC grinding machines or robotic systems based on a customer-generated video by one of our process specialists
Result: Recording of optimization potential and aligning of further strategy by means of a detailed report

Upgrade of our knife geometry measurement for sharpening machines

Upgrading your existing measurement technology "sharpening" with mechanical probe and laser to the latest double laser technology
Result: Increase of productivity due to measuring time reduction and quality improvement

Scope of work

Upgrade of our knife handle and pliers geometry measurement with Duplex camera system

Upgrading of your existing measuring technology "handle processing / contour processing" to current Duplex camera technology
Result: Increased productivity by reducing measurement times and increasing quality

Scope of work

Upgrade laser and camera measuring technique

Inline inspection system for checking the production part of individual workpieces in robot sharpening cells
Result: Quality control for processing of individual workpieces

  • inspection of the individual workpiece after machining

Angular Blade Inspection System (ABISY)

Inline inspection system for quality assurance in robot cells after the grinding process consisting of:

  • two camera measuring systems
  • LED system