Polishing technology for more than 60 years

Hauschild is known as one of the leading companies producing polishing machines for cutlery items. The range of products covers also robot grinding and polishing systems, as well as process automation, in particular in connection with industrial robots.


The brothers Hans and Wilhelm Hauschild inherit the grinding shop from their parents. This had been a traditional family business for some generations and was located in the small suburb of Irlich in Neuwied, West Germany.


The two brothers were so motivated by the idea to automate this purely manual task of polishing and grinding, that they spent the little spare time they had left in order to push for new and innovative developments. The result was a first prototype of a single-shaft polishing machine, which soon made some manual polishing task redundant.

The fruits of their hard labor were soon rewarded with numerous sales throughout the world. In the same year, the Hauschild brothers were awarded the first patent for their successful invention. In addition, the provincial “ministry of economy and traffic” for Rhineland-Palatinate, awarded their invention with a certificate of “economic viability” in the same year.

The following decades brought about further inventions, which were all patented respectfully.


The death of older brother Hans Hauschild leaves Wilhelm to continue the business as the sole proprietor.

Continued research throughout the years led to the successful development of the first fully-automatic and CNC controlled transfer-line for polishing high quantities of flatware/cutlery items. This in turn ensured a successful as well as secure future for the company. The product range was expanded to include machines designed for manufacturing of hollow ware items (pots, sinks,etc.), spectacle and picture frames, hand tools and components for the automobile industry.


Mr. Wilhelm Hauschild has passed away due to a long-lasting illness.

The company is now managed by his wife, Hannelore, until the year 2003.


Berger Maschinenfabrik in Wuppertal takes control over the company. The two sons-in-law of Karlheinz Berger become the new owners and managing directors of Hauschild.

Under the leadership of these two dynamic and internationally experienced professionals – supported by a strong team of highly qualified employees the future of Hauschild is indeed secured.


Hauschild will have its 60th anniversary in 2016 and has been an internationally registered trademark for more than 55 years, producing surface treatment machinery, using elastic tools (e.g. grinding belts, sisal and cotton polishing discs, etc.).

The construction, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales service is provided from one central location in Wuppertal-Cronenberg, Germany — together with affiliate agents and offices around the world.

Entrance of the old Hauschild factory
CNC transfer line
Single shaft polishing machine
Hauschild factory in Neuwied
Solingen fair 2004, Marco Chiesura (l.) and Hannelore Hauschild (r.)