Strip edge trimming machines

Strip processing machines by metal-cutting


The Julius system of strip edge trimming by metal-cutting strips the burr from the strip edge and achieves any contour required.

The modular system makes it possible that the edge trimming units can be combined flexibly and expanded or retrofitted any time from a machine type UNO to a DUO, TRIO, QUATTRO or QUINTO.

The modules are modular in themselves, so that individual assemblies and components can be supplemented and exchanged in each module. Each module has three stations on each side for tool or roll holders. The tools and rolls can be flexibly adjusted and exchanged.

Strip edge trimming machine working with one tool each side. It’s designed for the deburring of the strip edge or for simple contours at the strip edge.

The strip edge trimming machine of the series DUO works with six tools. Often the DUO is integrated into tube production lines to optimize the weld seam.

The TRIO strip edge trimming machine works with up to nine tools achieving even complex contours at the strip edge.

The QUATTRO strip edge trimming machine achieves complex contours on the strip edge with twelve tools.

The QUINTO strip edge trimming machine is one of the biggest strip edging machines of the modular series working with 15 tools.

The BKB/S is designed for maximum material removal at each tool, which ensures that even complex contours with wide bevels can be machined on strip with heavy cross sections or hard material.