Profile generating in the course of time

LP-Laschet has made itself a name in the field of profile generating. The profile generating centers are mainly employed for the production of screwdriver tools and similar workpieces.


Old company name: Laschet + Partner Werkzeugtechnik GmbH, L-P Servicetechnik Osygus GmbH, the latter has been taken over by the Berger Gruppe!


Taking over of the company by the Berger Gruppe. Henceforward LP-Laschet is one of six companies taking profit of the synergistic effects in engineering, R&D and production.


The companies are transformed into trademarks of the Berger Gruppe


Continuous development and design enhancements are made possible by a staff of highly qualified employees, who are committed to finding advanced engineering solutions and place a high priority on their ability to develop customer-specific machining applications.

As a result, the Berger Gruppe has become a global partner in the field of profile generating and provides customer service from its Cronenberg location.

Dirk Osygus at a profile generating center