Razor blade industry


Straight micro grinding and “gothic arch” grinding

For the production of razor blades, the Berger Gruppe offers two solutions. The WERNER PETERS grinding and polishing line of the series DEB1500-CNC treats double-sided razor blades with three angles.

The NELL grinding station BSM1500/TTGB-CNC machines razor blades with convex form (gothic arch).

Key application for the steel strip grinding station BSM1500/TTGB-CNC is grinding of razor blade edges with a convex profile (gothic arch).

The solid steel strip grinding and polishing station of the series DEB is configured for the machining of the classic double-sided razor blade with three angles.

The breakers can be integrated into steel strip grinding and polishing lines or be mounted as a separate breaking unit with decoiler.

Augst Nell jr. and Werner Peters offer the following spooling systems which can be integrated into a strip grinding and polishing line.