August Nell jr.

Specialist for blade grinding since 1922

For more than 90 years on NELL grinding and polishing machines are worldwide manufactured: razor blades, scalpel blades, special blades for surgery, knives made piece by piece, knives made in strip for surgery, household, industry and for DIY.

1920 | August Nell Jr., master with the biggest machine building company in Solingen registered in 1920 his own machine shop which is the start of Nell Jr. GmbH.

During the first years machines were repaired and as per customer’s request modified.

1922 | Nell delivered the first grinding and stropping machine for the manufacture of razor blades. Since then the product line of machines has been extended. Meanwhile more than 500 Nell machines are grinding and polishing blades and knives, worldwide.

1960 | Since 1960, Nell has based his machine concept by working with standard modules, using the latest design. Therefore it is possible to recommend solutions, by using approved and often tested technology, for a sharp calculated price.

A further benefit has to be seen in the Nell modular system that at a later date additional modules can be added to an existing machine. So it is possible to start with a basic machine and to work one day with a fully automated CNC grinding and polishing line.

2004 | In 2004 Nell joined the Berger Gruppe in Wuppertal (Germany). The concentration of “Know-how” (engineering and manufacture) makes us to a well-chosen partner in the blade and knife industry.

Today | Most modern CNC controlled machines are shipped from the manufacturing facilities of the Berger Gruppe.