for robotic grinding and polishing systems


The robotic grinding and polishing stations can be combined with different processing stations such as:

The belt grinding station of the BSS series is specially designed for use in robot cells. It can be equipped with various options.

The P series polishing station is specially designed for use in robot cells. Depending on the application, polishing wheels with different widths and diameters are used.

The SS series grinding station is used in robotic grinding and polishing cells. Machining is performed via a cup wheel driven by a headstock.

CNC sharpening machine with up to three axes for sharpening blades and mounted knives

The coolant installations can be combined with grinding machines or robotic processing cells. The design depends on the requirements.

A cleaning system can be integrated into a robotic grinding and polishing station for cleaning and drying individual workpieces.

The robotic cells can be equipped with different kind of magazine systems depending on the shape of the workpiece.