Magazine systems

Magazine systems for robotic cells

Magazine systems for stackable and non-stackable workpieces

The robotic cells can be equipped with a magazine system whose design depends on:

  • shape of the workpiece (forged, conical, or flat)
  • required magazine capacity (e.g. one hour or one complete shift)
  • variety of workpiece shapes/dimensions, that should be processed
  • in which way the pieces are orientated (e.g. disordered in a glide grinding line)

A big range of magazine systems are available such as:

  • indexing rotary table magazines (e.g. for knives)
  • indexing chain magazines (for forceps and other conical material)
  • indexing vertical rotary table magazines (for scissors and similar workpieces)
  • circulating bar magazines (e.g. for forceps and pliers)
  • guidance for bulk material:

    • circular conveyor
    • Berger Feeder

See also magazine systems for grinding machines.

Berger Feeder: disordered feeding via conveyor belt in connection with camera system
Circulating chain magazine for pliers
Indexing rotary table magazine for knives
Indexing vertical rotary table magazine for scissors
Circular conveyor