Manicure instruments

Grinding | polishing | sharpening


The Berger Gruppe offers CNC grinding machines and robotic grinding and polishing systems for the processing of manicure instruments such as scissors, tweezers or nail clippers.

Machines for manicure instruments

machines for flat bevel grinding of scissors and tweezers

robotic cells for grinding and sharpening tweezers | grinding nail clippers

CNC grinding machine with three to five axes grinding table for the bevel grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools or related parts

CNC grinding machine with three or four axes and vertical grinding spindle for the surface grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools, and related parts

Robotic cell with two belt grinding stations and one sharpening station for the machining of manicure instruments and similar workpieces

The robotic cell consists of four belt grinding stations and is designed for the machining of forceps and similar workpieces.