August Nell jr.

High-performance grinding technology for the production of blades

The serration and precision grinding machines of August Nell jr. grind razor blades, scalpel blades, saws, technical blades, special blades of the surgical industry and similar workpieces.

Since 1920 August Nell jr. is specialized in precision grinding machines for micro grinding coil material which is guided on edge through the work stations. The strip grinding and polishing lines can be equipped with different dressing systems, breaking machines, spooling systems, magazine systems, camera and laser measuring systems and other accessories.

The machines are mainly applied in the razor blade industry, the surgical industry, the wood processing industry, the printing and paper industry and the cutlery industry.

Since 2004 August Nell jr. is part of the Berger Gruppe. With its complementary partners Julius Maschinenbau and Werner Peters the trade mark offers complete solutions to the strip manufacturing industry – all from one source.

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