Pressing and stamping industry

Levelling | deburring | edge trimming


At pressing and stamping lines the burr damages the tools and the rolls. To eliminate the burr, mostly a deburring device of the series UNO is integrated into a pressing line.

For a lot of production processes the strip has to be flat and straight. Coil set and waviness have to be dressed to guarantee a good performance of the further production processes. The flat levelling machine of the series DRAP is designed for vertical levelling of wound strip material.

Machines used in the pressing and stamping industry

machines for strip edge deburring | strip levelling

Strip edge trimming machine working with one tool each side. It’s designed for the deburring of the strip edge or for simple contours at the strip edge.

Machines for flat and vertical levelling and calibrating of strips. The machines are integrated into strip processing lines.