Cast or forged parts


The Berger Gruppe offers different robotic cells for the machining of pressure die castings and cast-iron parts. Depending on the characteristics of the workpiece either the workpiece or the tools can be robotic-controlled.

The company will present the latest developments in the field of fettling and deburring of cast parts at several trade shows such as Deburring Expo, GIFA and Euroguss.

Catalogue for foundry industry

Robotic grinding and deburring cell with two belt grinding stations and one deburring station for the machining of cast iron parts such as cast iron pots

Robotic cell with five processing stations  installed on a CNC rotary table for grinding and deburring workpieces

Robotic deburring cell with three milling and brushing spindles for the machining of pressure casting and steel casting parts

The robotic cell RSP/5F/3R machines casting parts with up to five tools.


The fully automated robot cell is designed for deburring large-volume workpieces.

The feeding is carried out by the customer via a loading and unloading position. From then on, the workpiece is machined fully automatically