Julius Maschinenbau

40 years of strip edging technology

Since 1980 Julius Maschinenbau is trend-setting in the field of strip edge trimming by metal-cutting which is employed in different industries. In addition to strip edge trimming machines oil grooving machines, traverse winding systems, levelling machines, thickness calibration and brushing machines are part of the product range.

1964 | Rolf Julius takes over the company founded in 1947 by his father Ernst Julius. Under the name of Julius Maschinenbau GmbH the company starts into the next generation.

1968 | A branch is founded in Emsland in the north of Germany.

1980 | Development of a chamfering machine for strip edges

1988 | A new production place is built. Julius moves from Emsland to Wülfrath.

1992 | To include a bigger circle of customers, the modular range is developed. From now on, the customer has the possibility to integrate and retrofit modules for strip edge trimming in his line.

1993 | Strip edge trimming has become the main part of the product range. Thanks to the CNC controlled strip edge trimming and oil grooving line, Julius will become market leader in the field of strip edge trimming.

1995 | Julius strip edge trimming machines are employed in the tube industry to improve the weld seam.

2007 | The company Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG takes over the company Julius Maschinenbau GmbH and integrates it in the Berger Group. Julius starts into the next generation with a strong partner.

Today | The six brands of the Berger Gruppe form a strong team offering competent solutions when the job is strip edge trimming, strip surface treatment or polishing, grinding and profile generating of pieces and strips.