Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

CNC and robotic grinding and polishing technology

Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik is known as specialist in the field of grinding and polishing technology for the production of workpieces of different industries such as cutlery, hand tool, surgical or wood processing industry.

Since 1957 Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik has been building grinding and polishing machines. The product range is completed by machines for complementary production processes such as glazing, deburring or sharpening.

The machines are especially required when CNC or robotic technology has to be introduced as BERGER is one of the leading companies in this field. More than 100 different types of CNC grinding machines are part of the product range.

In the last decade Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik has acquired five more companies with complementary products. Six brands are consolidated in a company group – the Berger Gruppe – under the operational management of Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik. In this way the group is able to offer complete innovative solutions for different requirements – all from one source.

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