Strip edge trimming machine

Julius Maschinenbau

QUATTRO: strip edge trimming for complex contours

The QUATTRO strip edge trimming machine is equipped with 12 tools achieving nearly all contour required at the strip edge. It is employed when a complex contour has to be achieved at soft and/or thick strip material.

  • strip width max. 2,000 mm (78.7″)
  • strip thickness 0.1–8 mm (0.004–0.32″)
  • contours: nearly all contours
  • speed: up to 300 m/min (984 ft./min)
  • strip material: all kind of machinable material
  • size of the machine: 700 mm × 2,500 mm (27.56″ × 98.43″)
  • automatic opening
  • hydraulic and pneumatic lifting
  • lubricating and cooling systems for tooling

For high stress processing see also the new series QUATTRO/S.

Strip edging machine of the series QUATTRO working with 12 tools
QUATTRO strip edging machine integrated into a complete strip processing line