Series TRINU

Grooving machine

TRINU: strip surface treatment by metal-cutting with three tools

The grooving machine TRINU has three tools arranged staggered or simultaneous. The flexibility of adjustments on three axes and the angle makes it possible to have any groove wider and/or deeper.

Up to three grooves can be drawn into the strip surface with a max. distance of 10 mm (in case of three grooves) or 20 mm (in case of two grooves).

A basic oil grooving line is composed of a decoiler, a recoiler and a TRINU grooving machine. The line can be completed by a flat levelling machine, a vertical levelling machine, a brushing machine and different modules of strip edge trimming.

  • max. groove width: 20 mm
  • groove depth: 0.01–1 mm
  • 3 grooves/machine
  • speed: up to 100 m/min
  • material: all machinable material
  • options:
    • lubrication system
    • special tool-holders
    • swarf blow process
    • swarf guiding systems