Traverse winding systems

Decoiler and recoiler with traverse winding systems

Julius Maschinenbau

Traverse winding at the decoiler and the recoiler side

JULIUS offers a big range of decoilers and recoilers with traverse winding systems.

The traverse winding systems offer three ways – from coil to spool, from multicoil to spool or from spool to spool.

Various traverse winding guides are proposed for different purposes.

The infinite variable spooling guide can be adjusted to different guide widths, therefore easily variable between different strip widths.

A fixed guide system is however recommended for weak cross sections. The kinematic traverse winding guide keeps a constant distance to the coil optimizing in this way the accuracy of traverse winding.

  • spool width: 100–400 mm (3.94″–15.75″) (or according to agreement)
  • spool weight: 1–2.7 t (or according to agreement)
  • strip width for spooling: 3–80 mm (0.12″–3.15″)
  • strip material: all machinable material
  • fixed or variably adjustable traverse winding guides alternatively
  • strip tension regulation with S-block and dancer
  • two lateral guides for de-coiling or with flanged adapter from cassettes
  • recoiling:

    • with and without lateral discs
    • on fixed core with and without lateral discs
    • from flanged adapter into cassette

Traverse winding system at the re-coiler side
Traverse rewinding of small strips with cassette and flanged adapter
Spooling and strip tension system at the de-coiler side