Winding and multicoil systems

Recoilers and decoilers with and without multicoil system

Julius Maschinenbau

Winding and multicoil systems for strip processing lines

The Berger Gruppe offers a big range of decoilers and recoilers for strip processing lines. The coilers can be equipped with a spooling and a multicoil system. With a multicoil system, several coils can be loaded and processed one after another.

  • width of the slit strip packet: 250 mm (9.84″) (or according to agreement)
  • slit strip packet positioned coil by coil at the strip center line at the push of a button
  • weight of the slit strip packet: up to 2,5 t (or according to agreement)
De-coiler with multicoil system
De-coiler with strip tension technique