Magazine systems

Magazine systems for grinding machines


Rotary table, stacking and chain magazines

The design of the loading/unloading magazine depends on various requirements:

  • required magazine capacity (e.g. one hour or one complete shift)
  • shape of the workpiece (forged, conical, or flat)
  • variety of workpiece shapes/dimensions, that should be processed
  • integration in the preceding stage of production (e.g. stamping) or subsequent processing (e.g. polishing, glazing)
  • in which way the pieces are orientated (e.g. disordered in a glide grinding line)


Magazine systems are designed for:

See also magazine systems for robotic cells.

Indexing rotary table Ø 1,500 mm (59") with adjustable stops, holding approx. 160 pieces
Stacking magazine for flat material, load capacity 500–2,000 mm (19.69"–78.74"), adjustable length stops
Conveyor belt system for workpiece separating and positioning on camera table