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Milestones of the Berger Gruppe 2019

En 2019 el Berger Gruppe ha desarrollado nuevas tecnologías como las siguientes:

RSPRobotic grinding and deburring system for foundry industry with tool change system, force control and robotic controlled turn table
RFS3/RT    CNC rotary knife grinding machine with robot loading and camera recognition
BMI4.0Berger Machine Interface 4.0 for data analysis and IOT machine connection
RSPRobot grinding table for turbine blades, 3D measuring system and tool changer
TSATwin Search App, automatic identification of machine parts in Berger plant
DM3CNC drilling system for rotary blades up to 1,000 mm diameter
RSPRobot controlled bending system with heavy straightening press for fork tines
ABISOnline angle blade inspection system for razor/strip blade production
RTF1/2CNC flat grinding machine for rotary brake plates up to 600 mm diameter