Robotic handling for loading and unloading

  • since several years BERGER works with robotics in order to load and unload CNC-controlled and conventional machines.
  • depending on the individual situation there are plenty of possibilities to load a single, a group of machines or to integrate a grinding machine into a production cell. Depending on the task and corresponding with the ideas and the experiences of the customers a customize solution will be found
  • different types of robots are implemented, e.g. Mitsubishi, FANUC, EPSON, KUKA, ABB, DENSO, or Stäubli
  • examples for robot loading:

    • surgical scissors with rotary magazine
    • tools, cheese slicers with vertical stacking magazine
    • circular blades with vertical stacking magazine
    • pruners, knife blades with horizontal stacking magazine
    • tools, pocket knife blades with step feeder

  • examples for robotic grinding and polishing:

    • sharpening and / or deburring of knife blades in combination with magazine systems: series SM-CNC
    • robotic grinding and polishing units series RSP

Manufacturing cell for cable cutters for the grinding of the inner and outer surfaces, serration and deburring