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Robotics at the Berger Gruppe


Cronenberger Anzeiger, edition from 04/24/2019

In the company course "Experience, Discover, Develop - The Industrial Robot" with the Berger Group, a group of young people from different schools of grades 7 to 11 learned to program and operate industrial robots during the Easter holidays in such a way that they could then independently produce a drawing on paper.

During the first three Easter holidays, the pupils got to know the Kohlfurth company and were able to familiarize themselves with its highly developed technology. This is the fifth time the Berger Gruppe has been involved with the zdi Center BeST and gives young people in the region the unique opportunity to gain an in-depth impression of the company’s diverse products and the associated professional fields.

Employees of the Berger Gruppe supported and accompanied the motivated participants during the course in mastering their task and getting a robot to produce a drawing independently. At the end of the course, the students presented their results to the company’s employees and received the coveted zdi BeST certificate. This acknowledges the special extracurricular commitment in leisure time and upgrades future application documents.