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Handling Award 2020

Berger Feeder | Camera-supported feeding of workpieces in processing cells

Berger Feeder | Camera-supported feeding of workpieces in processing cells

The Berger Gruppe is applying for the Handling Award 2020 with a camera-supported feed system for workpieces in processing cells.

The workpieces fall randomly onto a hopper belt. From there they are fed to a second conveyor belt, where they are equalized depending on the filling level and fed to a third – semi-transparent – belt with light source. A camera system measures the position and orientation of the workpieces. Other features, such as embossing stamps, can also be recorded so that it can be verified whether the workpiece is positioned correctly. The camera measuring system transmits the measured data to a SCARA robot, which positions the workpieces. From there they are picked up by a handling robot and fed to the subsequent process. If a workpiece is not detected, it falls onto a fourth conveyor belt, which returns it to the first hopper belt, thus creating a closed cycle.

During the design and conception of the Berger feeder, care was taken to ensure that the changeover effort of the operator is minimal. The special feature of the system is the evaluation software, which allows to work with commercially available cameras, so that the system can be used sustainably for many years. The software is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge, so that the system can be operated by any employee.