Strip edge trimming machine

Julius Maschinenbau

QUINTO: strip edge trimming for all contours required

The QUINTO strip edge trimming machine works with up to 15 tools and achieves each contour required. It is one of the biggest strip edge trimming machines of the modular series of JULIUS.

If the production speed is high and/or the swarf is thick higher energy is introduced into the process. A cooling and/or lubricating system will accommodate the higher strain. The modular strip edge trimming machine can be combined with modules of strip surface treatment. The QUINTO strip edge trimming machine is mainly integrated into a complete strip edge trimming line working as the main processing machine.

  • strip width max. 2,000 mm (78.7″)
  • strip thickness 0.1–8 mm (0.004–0.32″)
  • contours: different contours
  • speed: up to 300 m/min (984 ft./min)
  • machine size: 700 mm × 3.100 mm (27.56″ × 122.1″)
  • strip material: all kind of machinable material
  • automatic opening
  • hydraulic and pneumatic lifting
  • lubricating and cooling systems for tooling
QUINTO strip edge trimming machine integrated into a strip edging line
QUINTO strip edge trimming machine, view from above