Series BKB/Kompakt

Strip edge trimming machine

Julius Maschinenbau

BKB/Kompakt: strip edge trimming for heavy duty processing

Large cross sections and high productivity impose heavy stresses on the machining of the edges.

The BKB/Kompakt is designed for maximum material removal at each tool, which ensures that even complex contours with wide bevels can be machined on strip with heavy cross sections or hard material.

The spacing of the tools is further apart widening the gap for easy flow of the heavy chips.

The machine is designed as a double unit so that rough machining is separated from the finishing section.

  • strip width: max. 250 mm (9.4″)
  • strip thickness: 0.1–8 mm (0.004–0.32″)
  • contours: all contours and chamfers
  • speed: up to 300 m/min (984 ft./min)
  • strip material: all machinable materials
Strip edging machine of the series BKB/Kompakt