Strip edge trimming line

BHR/QUINTO: strip edging line for all complex contours and chamfers required

The strip edge trimming line of the series BHR/QUINTO is the biggest strip edging line of the modular series. It achieves all contours and chamfers required even at wide and/or soft material. The line consists essentially of a decoiler, a recoiler and a strip edge trimming machine of the series QUINTO.

The line can be completed by components as follows:

Technical data:

  • strip width max. 300 mm (11.8″), (larger strip width on request)
  • strip thickness 0.1–8 mm (0.004–0.32″)
  • contours: complex contours and chamfers
  • speed: up to 300 m/min (984 ft./min)

The line presented at the left side consists of a decoiler with strip tension technique and multicoil system, a brushing machine, an UNO edging machine, two calibrating machines, a vertical levelling machine, a QUINTO strip edging machine, a double S-block for strip tension regulation and a recoiler with traverse winding system.

Strip edge trimming line BHR/QUINTO with two calibrating machines
Strip edge trimming line BHR/QUINTO with decoiler and recoiler, calibrating and levelling machines and S-block for strip tension regulation