Series SVZ-CNC

Steel strip grinding and serrating machine

SVZ-CNC: Serrated grinding of up to 44 strips simultaneously

The grinding line of the series SVZ-CNC achieves a serrated grinding on metal strips. Up to 44 strips with a maximum strip width of 1.5 mm can be machined simultaneously. The line is composed of a vertical decoiler, a strip grinding station of the series SVZ-CNC and a recoiler

  • grinding width: 120 mm
  • grinding width in a package: 66 mm
  • maximum strip width: 30 mm
  • grinding wheel diameter: 500 mm
  • four CNC axes:

    • Z-axis, horizontal axis for the grinding movement, driven by a linear motor with direct measuring system for highest precision
    • Y-axis, vertical axis to move towards the workpiece, drive with ball screw and servomotor
    • C-axis, programmable axis for relief grinding of 0°–18°
    • X-axis, clock feed of the strip, drive with linear motor and direct measuring system for highest precision

  • diamond-coated shaping roll, two-sided bearing of the dressing roll
  • spindle in precision bearing with 30 kW main drive
  • dressing cycle programmable previously with automatic compensation of the grinding wheel wear
Simultaneous serrated edge grinding of multiple strips
Steel strip grinding line of the series SVZ-CNC at the de-coiler side
Serrated grinding station SVZ-CNC at the re-coiler side