Series BSM500/HK-CNC

Steel strip grinding machine


BSM500/HK-CNC: Plunge grinding and polishing of hooked blades

The BSM500/HK-CNC work station is designed especially for grinding and polishing of hooked blades.

  • double-sided grinding operation with four grinding units which are arranged at different angles
  • definition of the grinding wheel geometry by a dressing unit with diamond-coated rolls
  • polishing of the blades with felt or leather wheels at a second work station of similar design
  • consistent polishing result by means of intelligent pressure control for the polishing wheels
  • automatic supply of the polishing paste
  • main motor: 4 × 2,6 kW
  • frequency converter: 4 x 4 kW for programmable, constant peripheral velocity with decreasing wheel diameter 30–50 m/s (98–164 ft./s)
  • dressing motor:  4 × 0,8 kW
  • one-sided precision spindle bearing
  • central lubrication
  • configured for wet machining with grinding emulsion and/or polishing paste
Plunge grinding for the production of hooked blades
Steel strip grinding machine of the series BSM500/HK-CNC