Series BSM3000/SP-CNC

Steel strip brushing and deburring machine

Werner Peters

BSM3000/SP-CNC: Brushing and deburring of steel strip

The brushing and deburring station BSM3000/SP-CNC machines hair clipper blades, doctor blades, serrated machine cutting tools for food industry and similar workpieces.

It is designed as a spiral brushing station with two spindle bearings installed at a radial arm each.

  • main motors: 1,1 kW with tooth belt gear
  • frequency converter for continuously adjustable regulation of spindle revolution
  • pneumatic synchronized lifting of the brushes and releasing of strip clamping for indexing strip feed
  • angle correction by mechanical adjustment of the height
  • compensation of the brush wear by mechanical adjustment of the impact
  • configured for wet machining
Brushing of steel strips
Steel strip grinding and deburring station of the series BSM3000/SP-CNC