Series BSM3000/P-CNC

Steel strip polishing and deburring station


BSM3000/P-CNC: Polishing and deburring of steel strip

The polishing station BSM3000/P-CNC is designed for polishing and deburring of micro-ground blades such as doctor blades, scalpels, technical blades, pencil sharpener blades and similar workpieces.

  • configured as a double-sided polishing station for polishing tools up to 250 mm diameter
  • polishing result influenceable by feeding liquid paste through high-pressure nozzles
  • consistent polishing result achieved by means of an intelligent pressure control for the polishing tools and constant motor power
  • main motor: 1 kW
  • frequency converter: 1,5 kW for programmable, constant peripheral velocity with decreasing wheel diameter
  • peripheral velocity: 6–14 m/s (19–45 ft./s)
  • motorized angle adjustment: 2°–35° with butterfly wings
  • max. strip height: 50 mm (1.97″), alternatively: 100 mm (3.94″)
  • polishing wheel diameter: 175 mm (6.89″)
  • scallop configuration, e.g. with 12 polishing wheels, each 5 mm (0.2″) in diameter, i.e. total of up to 24 polishing wheels per station
  • bilateral spindle bearing
  • dressing of the polishing wheels by means of an indexing grinding belt
Steel strip polishing and deburring station of the series BSM3000/P-CNC
Polishing of steel strips