Series BSM3000/C-CNC

Steel strip grinding machine

BSM3000/C-CNC: Straight and scalloped grinding of knives

The BSM3000/C-CNC work station is designed for grinding of kitchen knives and similar workpieces

  • designed for one-sided removal of large amounts of material from coils
  • use of cup wheels, 350–450 mm (13.78″–17.72″) in diameter
  • pre-embossed coils can also be scallop ground
  • grinding wheel wear compensation with camera or ultrasonic technology
  • main motor: 22 kW
  • frequency converter: 30 kW for programmable peripheral velocity
  • motorized angle adjustment: 0°– 35°
  • grinding wheel diameter: 350–450 mm (13.78″–17,72″)
  • wheel width: 10–100 mm (0.39″–3.94″)
  • cutting speed: max. 50 m/s (164 ft/s)
  • central lubrication
  • configured for wet machining with grinding emulsion
  • guideways are solid carbide or with carbide inserts
Steel strip grinding machine of the series BSM3000/C-CNC
Scalloped grinding of knife blades