Series BSM1500/TT-CNC

Steel strip grinding machine


BSM1500/TT-CNC: Straight micro-grinding of steel strips

The steel strip grinding station of the series BSM1500/TT-CNC is designed for deburring finish ground blades. The machine works with six CNC axes.
Core application of the grinding station is micro-grinding of rules with grits up to 1,200.

  • six CNC axes
  • use of grinding wheels with 150–250 mm (5.91"–9.84") diameter
  • electronic spindle synchronization with AC servo technology
  • mineral composite machine base offers additional vibration damping properties for precision
  • grinding spindle configuration up to 8.000 rpm, encoder for position control, precision spindle of highest quality
  • spindle bearing: hydrostatic or roller bearing
  • programmable, constant peripheral velocity with decreasing wheel diameter
  • peripheral velocity: 20–65 m/s (65–213 ft./s)
  • grinding / wheel diameter: 150 mm (5.91")
  • AC servomotor and drive control for grinding wheel synchronization, max. 2° at 8.000 rpm
  • central lubrication
  • configured for wet machining with grinding emulsion
  • guide rails are solid carbide or solid carbide inserts
  • various integrated dressing systems available for grinding wheel profiles
Deburring of steel strip for the production of precision knives for the food industry
Steel strip grinding line consisting of two one-sided steel strip grinding stations of the series BSM3000/E-CNC, one double-sided steel strip grinding station of the series BSM3000/D-CNC, one steel strip grinding station of the series BSM1500/TT-CNC, a decoiler, a recoiler, two camera measuring systems and a laser measuring system