Series BSM1000/E-CNC

One-sided steel strip grinding and serrating machine


BSM1000/E-CNC: Scalloped and serrated edge grinding

The peripheral grinding station BSM1000/E-CNC is designed for one-sided serrated edge coil grinding for the production of hair clipper blades and similar workpieces. 

  • grinding spindle installed on slide unit with precision guideways
  • driven by ball screw and AC servomotor
  • grinding spindle automatically shifted sideways, creating pointed teeth after a second plunge
  • main motor: 15 kW
  • frequency converter: 18,5 kW for programmable, constant peripheral velocity with decreasing wheel diameter, 30–50 m/s (98–164 ft./s)
  • one-sided precision spindle bearing for grinding wheels, with max. 110 mm (4.33″) width and 450 mm (17.72″) diameter
  • central lubrication
  • configured for wet machining with grinding emulsion
  • dressing unit for diamond-coated dressing rolls, max. 110 mm (4.33″) width
  • integrated CNC dressing system available
Serrated grinding of hair clipper blades with BSM1000/E-CNC