Series BGM1500/E/D-CNC

Steel strip grinding machine

BGM1500/E/D-CNC: Straight, scalloped and serrated grinding

The grinding machines of the series BGM1500-CNC are designed to grind doctor blades, knives for the food industry and similar workpieces.

  • designed as one-sided (E) or double-sided (D) strip grinding stations
  • strip height: more than 50 mm (1.97″) possible
  • grinding wheel diameter: 400 mm (15.75″)
  • width of the grinding wheel: 150 mm (5.91″)
  • applicable for continuous grinding and plunge grinding for scalloped and serrated grinding
  • dressing system (p. 153) and accessories
  • main motor: 15 kW
  • frequency converter: 18,5 kW
  • motor angle adjustment: 4°–25°
  • grinding wheel diameter: 400 mm (15.75″)
  • grinding wheel width / grinding width: max. 150 mm (5.91″)
  • double-sided precision spindle bearing
  • cutting speed: max. 40 m/s (131 ft./s)
  • central lubrication
  • configured for wet machining with grinding emulsion
  • reception of carbide metal guideways respectively guideways with carbide metal inlets
  • various integrated dressing systems available for grinding wheel profiles
  • 18,5 kW for programmable and constant circumferential speed of 30–50 m/s (98–164 ft./s) with decreasing grinding wheel diameter
Steel strip grinding machine of the series BGM1500/E/D-CNC
BGM1500/E-CNC – scalloped grinding with dressed grinding wheel
Steel strip grinding station in half shell with motor angle adjustment