Series BDG1500-CNC

Steel strip grinding machine


BDG1500-CNC: Straight finish grinding

The strip grinding line of the series BDG1500-CNC consists of five vertical grinding stations and is designed for the production of doctor blades and similar workpieces.

It achieves a double-sided bevel grinding as well as a straight finish grinding with the tool at 90°.

  • cutting speed: up to 50 m/s (164 ft/s)
  • swipe speed: 5 m/min (16.4 ft/min)
  • CBN cup wheel diameter: 125 mm (4.9 in)
  • precision bearing mounted grinding motor spindle driven by a special motor
  • frequency converter for the programming of the spindle speed
  • designed for wet machining with grinding emulsion
  • central lubrication
  • direct measuring system integrated into the guides of the Z- and Y-axis
BDG1500-CNC – straight finish grinding
BDG1500-CNC – double-sided bevel grinding
BDG1500-CNC – the whole line