Series RSP/2P

Robotic polishing station


RSP/2P: Rough and final polishing of prostheses and hip joints

The robotic polishing station of the series RSP/2P is designed for polishing hip joints, prostheses and similar workpieces. 

The robotic cell is equipped with:

  • two polishing stations of the series P3
  • robotic polishing station either integrated into an existing production line or erected as a separate processing station
  • programming in the touch-in processor with a CAD/CAM interface
  • integration of measuring systems for the compensation of workpiece location and measurement tolerances
  • various machining stations with a variety of tools available (e.g. grinding belts, grinding stones, polishing discs)

See also magazine systems for robotic grinding and polishing stations.



Robotic polishing cell RSP/2P
Robotic gripper specially designed for hip joints
Robotic polishing of hip joints