Series RSP/2B/1S/1L

Robotic grinding and sharpening station

RSP/2B/1S/1L: Grinding and sharpening of manicure tweezers

The robotic grinding station of the series RSP/2B/1S/1L is designed for grinding and sharpening manicure instruments such as nail scissors or tweezers.

The robotic cell consists of:

  • two belt grinding stations
  • one sharpening station
  • one laser measuring station
  • circulating bar magazine for forceps with position recognition

For the machining of tweezers see also robotic systems for the machining of surgical parts.

See also magazine systems for robotic grinding and polishing stations.

Machining of manicure tweezers
Robotic grinding and sharpening station RSP/2B/1S/1L for the machining of manicure tweezers