Series RP6/RP5

Robotic polishing line

RP6/RP5: Fully automatic polishing of hollow-ware

Fully automatic process chain of robot cells for polishing the inner side and the shell surface of hollow-ware.

Tool and workpiece changes are performed as a completely automatic operation by a total of 33 fully interacting and integrated robot systems. The intelligent interaction of the cells and allocation of production steps result in a highly flexible and efficient operation – even for small production runs. An integrated Industry 4.0 interface with IP-based protocols means that the system can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world. The system is already in use for production operations at WMF in Geislingen (Germany).

The robot plant has been awarded top prize at ROBOTICS AWARD 2018 at Hannover Messe.
For more information see the article 33 networked robots polish cookware to a mirror finish.

The robot cell is equipped with:

  • feeding and conveyor belt system
  • modular design of the line
  • separated production lines for the inner and outer machining
  • automatic gripper changing system
  • tool changing system
  • control station for monitoring the whole line
  • CNC adjustment of the paste pistol
Robot cell of the series RP6/RP5
Fully automatic robot plant for polishing of hollow-ware
Robotic polishing line RP6/RP5