Series RSP/5F/3R

Robotic deburring and milling station

RSP/5F/3R: Deburring and milling of pressure die castings

The robotic cell RSP/5F/3R machines casting parts and similar workpieces with up to five tools.

The robotic cell consists of:

  • two robots for loading and unloading
  • positioning of the workpieces for the machining robot via computer controlled rotary table
  • multi-tooling-head for the reception of 5 tools equipped with 5 pneumatically powered precision
Robotic grinding station of the series RSP/5F/3R for deburring and milling of die casting parts
Deburring of drill holes
Deburring of die casting parts with RSP/5F/3R
Multi-tooling-head for the reception of 5 tools