Series RSP/4B/1P

Robotic grinding and polishing station

RSP/4B/1P: All-around machining of surgical tweezers

For the production of surgical tweezers the robotic line can be composed in that way that an all-around machining of the piece can be performed.

For more information see as well robotic grinding and polishing station for the machining of manicure tweezers.

The robotic cell RSP/4B/1P is equipped with:

  • four belt grinding stations
  • polishing station
  • machining of the tip and the spring of the tweezers by a belt grinding station
  • gripper station for all-around machining
  • close grinding of the tip of the tweezers at the grinding wheel

See also magazine systems for robotic grinding and polishing stations.

Grinding of surgical tweezers
Gripper station for all-around machining