Tools and clamping systems

Tools and clamping systems for profile generating centers


Generating and clamping tools

A big range of tools and clamping systems can be employed in profile generating centers.

Cutter heads

We have developed a range of standard cutter heads for machining the most diverse polygonal geometries. Based on a ratio of 2:1 all kinds of profiles with parallel surfaces are produced.
Depending on the number of tools on the cutting head the required profile is defined (e. g. one cutter machines 2 faces; 2 cutters machine 4 faces; 3 cutters machine 6 faces).

Additional cutting tools in the cutter heads can be used for additional operations such as breaking edges, deburring, number of cutting passes and so on.

We can supply a wide range of cutter heads for applications such as:

  • pinion shafts
  • splined shafts
  • pointed teeth
  • serrations
  • special-shape front teeth

Clamping tools

The clamping tools fulfill the highest technical requirements, ruggedly designed for machining toughest jobs.

Secure clamping characteristics and excellent concentricity are a guarantee for quality products and an excellent tool lifetime.

The pressure clamping collet has been specially designed for use with collet chucks to DIN 6343.

Jaw chucks and clamping mandrel systems are designed to suit workpiece specific requirements.

Horizontal generating tools
Vertical generating tools for the production of gear shaft profiles
Clamping tools: push or pull type collet closer, 3 jaws chuck and expanding mandrel assembly