Series PS-CNC

CNC double shaft polishing machine


PS-CNC: Surface polishing of cutlery and rotationally symmetrical workpieces

The CNC controlled double shaft polishing machine of the series PS-CNC is equipped with a control system which enables a programming and storing of all process parameters.

Thanks to its short changeover time of a few minutes the machine can also run small series.

  • continuously speed-controlled polishing shaft drive
  • polish injection control
  • automatic correction of polishing shaft wear
  • shaft contact pressure corrected according to load
  • entry of manufacturing data and data output to integrated or external printer or directly to production engineering
  • demonstrator programs
  • extension of PS-CNC/LG for spoons and forks to the machining of rotationally symmetrical workpieces (e.g. surgical nails or handles) possible
Polishing of nails 360°
Polishing of handles 360°
CNC double shaft polishing machine PS-CNC