Flat bevel grinding machine for the machining of mechanical knives

BG/ZA/VSS/NT2-CNC: Grinding of mechanical knives

The machine geometry is specially designed for grinding machine knives. Due to the combination of wheel axis (Z-axis) for the compensation of the grinding wheel wear and the additional infeed axis (W-axis) for grinding the workpiece an even bigger flexibility combined with high rigidity is realized.

Here a combination with an additional vertical axis (V-axis) and a rotation axis (C-axis) is possible.

In addition to the technical data indicated at BG-CNC the machine is classified by the technical specifications as follows:

  • grinding length 300-640 mm (Option: 1.000 mm)
  • precision mounted grinding spindle, designed for circumferential speed of up to 50 m/s
  • reception flange for grinding wheel: 200-710 mm Ø
  • grinding table with four (resp. six) axes:

    • X-axis = main feed axis of the grinding table, powered by a linear motor
    • Z- axis = infeed axis for grinding wheel
    • A-axis = tilt axis/grinding angle

  • W-axis = compensation of grinding wheel wear
  • digital drive for the axes, prestressed ball bearing spindle, Z-axis or precision reduction gear (A-axis), linear motor for X-axis
Arrangement of the axes at BG/ZA/VSS/NT2-CNC
Grinding of mechanical knives with BG/ZA/VSS/NT2-CNC
Grinding of choppers using segments
Fixture with electromagnet
Grinding with rotation axis and serrating
Side-grinding of curved handsaws