Type RTS1

Rotary table grinding machine  

Rotary table grinding machine RTS1

Grinding machine with vertically adjustable spindle for economic flat and bevel grinding of e.g. mechanical knives, pocket knives or hand tools in a continuous process.

  • vertically adjustable grinding spindle
  • motor of the grinding wheel 7,5–15 kW (10–20 PS)
  • grinding wheel, grinding segments diameter 350–420 mm
  • mechanical fixture plate or electro-magnetic terminal plate: 470–700 mm
  • continuously adjustable rotary table speed from 0,25–2 rpm
  • automatic compensation of grinding wheel wear by measuring control
  • horizontal adjustment of the grinding spindle manually
  • high productivity from up to 2.500 pieces/h with automatic loading
Rotary table grinding machine RTS1
Discharging station for rotary table grinding machine RTS1